The Buckwild Team

Sarah Craig- Personal Trainer

Sarah Craig

Sarah of SC Fitness is an exciting and dedicated  Level 3 personal trainer - she knows how to get results by combining nutritional coaching, personal motivation initiatives and fun, effective fitness techniques. 

Becky Lee 

Becky Lee began her fitness journey as one of Sarah's clients. After achieving impressive weight loss, Becky has come on board as marketing manager and host: bringing to the table 10 years of hospitality experience.  

Serena Miller

Serena Miller is the owner of Muiryhill House and a former BBC journalist, who after becoming one of Sarah's clients, was so impressed she decided to join forces with Becky and Sarah to create Buckwild Retreats. 

Claire Manson

Claire’s a level 2 fitness instructor. Her rugby background and dedication to her team make her the perfect coach to get everyone pulling together and achieving  goals.